In the development world, I enjoy contributing to open source, beta testing, web frameworks and do some reverse … Since I’m still learning, my life is a long, learning journey. While working in IT I love to expand my skills by learning new technologies and trying out new hardware and software. I mainly taught myself by tinkering and seeing how things work, which is why I love hands-on approach to IT instead of a purely theory based approach.

The best approach to learning is not theory alone, but practical hands-on, being able to see progress, see failure in real-life situations or even simulations, is the best way of boosting growth and accommodating improvement, something that a pure theory based approach cannot achieve. While this may not apply in every situation, a sizeable portion of day-to-day working life should be dedicated to practical learning, troubleshooting and otherwise.

Currently waiting for new challenges while doing some of my hobbies … ;)

This blog

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a writer by any means. I create this blog to share my experiences and challenges learning code along with some helpful insights and resources as I teach myself. It was built with Jekyll, a static website generator powered by Ruby.

Contact me

Let’s talk about some stuff. Here are the various ways you can contact me. Choose wisely … ;)

  • @AndrzejDubaj on Twitter.
  • You can email me if that’s more your thing.
  • Also feel free to ask me anything via GitHub!

Thanks for reading!